Pets Policy

As the owner of two dogs – Percy and Teddi and three cats – Bendy, Pumpkin and Jem and I know that Children will learn a lot from having contact with them.

The pets do have access to the rooms that the children use, but only under supervision and mostly the dogs stay in a different room when the children are with me and the cats are either outside or sleeping in their own room.

  • Children will be encouraged to treat all animals with respect, and will learn how to handle them correctly.
  • Children will wash their hands after any contact with the animals.
  • Children will be taught that if they don’t know an animal they must not stroke it as not all animals are friendly. They must ask first.
  • Pet food is stored away from the children and the feeding / water bowls are kept in the dog’s own room, separated by a child safety gate.
  • I regularly check that the animals have not soiled outside where the children will have access.
  • The dogs have been trained by a professional dog trainer who specializes in dogs that are around children.