Just Like Home Childcare is owned by Katie Heal. Katie trained at the world famous Norland College.
Norland nannies provide childcare for royal families, aristocrats and celebrities all over the world. After working with many families around the globe as a nanny, a maternity nurse and sometimes as emergency nanny cover, Katie settled in Hove and started her own family in 2003. It was during this time that she was approached by many  local families for her childcare expertise.
There was such a demand for a homely setting and not another nursery where children follow set rules and schedules. At Katie’s house everyone makes the rules and every day is different, enabling the children to learn to make their own decisions and choices, thus keeping every day varied and exciting. The children can enjoy the comforts and security of Katie’s family home and also fun days out full of great adventures.
It may be a childcare provision, but it feels just like home.