Its hard to put into words how much we value and appreciate your care of our daughter, you and your team are very special to us. ***** always talks about you all as her friends and we’ve never ever experienced a day where she doesn’t want to go to the childcare or kindergarten. Thank you so much for all you do for her.

Our daughter has been looked after by Katie and her staff since she was 8 months old. From day one, the care and attention our daughter has received has jus blown us away. She’s been made to feel part of a family and always refers to the staff as her friends. The our daughter feels so comfortable, happy and confident under Katie’s care is what we’d always hoped for in finding a childcare provider. JLHCC has exceeded all expectations, our daughter loves it.


JLHCC has a special blend of nurturing, learning and adventure. Whether it is a trip to a farm to visit animals, the seaside to learn colours from the beach huts or using a tickets at Amberley Chalk Pit to ride a bus, our daughter has had all sorts of fun and educational experiences outside of a nursery setting which we feel is helping her to grow into a confident, independent and active child. Quite simply she thrives on it and it’s a delight to know that she’s getting lots of outdoor and ‘real experiences’ which we’d hope to be providing for her if we were not at work.

Katie and her staff are exceptional and have the right combination of warmth, support and experience. They always offer us the time to talk about our daughter and any questions we may have. Recently they have been so sensitive and supportive to our daughter as she is learning to be potty trained, the fact that this has gone so positively shows how committed they are to working alongside parents to help where possible in the development of their child.