Katie trained as a Norland Nanny and thoroughly enjoyed every second of looking after and caring for children.  Katie most importantly enjoys being a mummy to her three children and really wanted

the childcare provision for the little ones to be a combination of both and truly be a home from home setting.

With this in mind, Katie created a safe, warm and nurturing environment, where each child can continue the same routine that they follow at home and really build strong development skills at an early age by simply being happy and secure. Many nurseries make children follow their strict set routines and this doesn’t work for some children, they have plenty of time when they get to school to conform to routines and timetables.

Just Like Home childminding is based at Katie’s family home in Hove. Situated just off the seafront and close to Wish Park, the setting takes the very best bits of having the care of a one on one nanny, the social aspects of being in a nursery with other children and the security of being at home with your family.

Before starting Katie will work with parents formulate a bespoke routine that will ensure the child settles and will be as happy as they are at home.  Why should an infant have two separate routines?  This just doesn’t make sense, childcare should be an extension of your own parenting wishes and by having a strong relationship with parents, Katie and her small team are able to provide this.

Within a short space of time children view Katie’s house as their second home where they can interact as part of a family and enjoy fun outings to the beach, parks and local farms.