With the Just Like Home child minding setting being so popular and pressure from local parents, the kindergarten setting was launched in January 2017.

The number one priority was to ensure that the level of pre school care and the homely setting was continued for children over the age of two.

The kindergarten is open everyday and is located at St Philips Church Hall, New Church Road, Hove. The hall is spacious and yet most importantly, still feels homely. Our excellent staff to child ratios, allow the days to be full of fun activities such as art, music and cookery and also great outings and adventures. The kindergarten children enjoy weekly visits to local farms, parks, the beach, wildlife sanctuaries, so that they can continually learn about the world around them.

Pre-school aged children develop fully by being able to make their own choices and by learning how to be good citizens. As humans we all learn more effectively and more efficiently when enjoying ourselves, the children make firm relationships with each other and the family environment continues ensuring their confidence and self-esteem is flourishing.

At Just Like Home, we want to make sure that the children are socially and physically ‘school ready’, being able to dress, put their shoes on, use a knife and fork and have the relevant academic skills for their age group. Our aim is to deliver great, confident, young people ready for their next adventure…starting school.