Suspensions and Exclusions Policy


Just Like Home Childcare will deal with negative and inappropriate behaviour by using constructive behaviour management techniques. We will involve staff, parents and children to tackle disruptive and challenging behaviour collectively.  We acknowledge that some children will require additional support to achieve acceptable levels of behaviour. Where we identify a child with these needs, we will work closely with the parents

or carers to deal with the inappropriate behaviour in accordance with our Behaviour Management policy.


Where a child persistently behaves inappropriately, we will implement the following procedure:

  1. Give the child a formal warning; staff will explain why the behaviour is unacceptable along with the consequences of further incidents.
  2. Staff will encourage the child to discuss their behaviour, to explain their actions and to identify strategies for avoiding such incidents in the future.
  3. Details of formal warnings, suspensions and exclusions will be recorded on an Incident record and kept in the child’s records.
  4. The formal warning will be discussed with the child’s parents, and all staff will be notified.

Staff will inform the manager if a child’s behaviour warrants suspension or exclusion.


We will only suspend or exclude a child as a last resort, when all other behaviour management strategies have failed or if we feel that children or staff are at risk. Suspensions and exclusions will be fair, consistent and appropriate to the behaviour concerned, and will take account of the child’s age and maturity as well as any other factors relevant to the child’s situation. If appropriate, we will seek advice from other agencies; this may include accessing funding for additional support.


Temporary suspensions

Temporary suspensions will be applied in the following situations: –

  • Where formal warnings have failed to improve a child’s persistent, challenging and unacceptable behaviour.
  • In the event of an extremely serious or dangerous incident we will suspend a child with immediate effect. We will contact the parents and ask that the child be collected immediately. Immediate suspensions require the manager’s agreement.

Just Like Home Childcare may temporarily suspend the child for a period of up to 15 consecutive days. If the we take this step, we will discuss our concerns with the parents/carers in order to work together to promote a more desirable pattern of behaviour.

At the end of the suspension period the manager will meet with the parents/carers and the child, in order to agree any conditions relating to the child’s return to the setting.


Permanent exclusion

In exceptional circumstances, and only when all other attempts at behaviour management have failed, it may be necessary to permanently exclude a child from the setting.

If a child is excluded, the parents/carers will be given a verbal and written explanation

of the issues and subsequent actions. The parent/carer has the right to appeal to the

manager against the exclusion within 14 days of receiving written

notification of the exclusion.


This policy was adopted by: Just Like Home Childcare. Date: 4th December 2016

To be reviewed: 4th December 2017. Signed:

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014): Managing Behaviour [3.52-3.53].