Sun Safety Policy

We require all children to wear hats to protect the face, neck, and ears whenever they are outside during the hot summer months.

Children who do not bring their own hat may borrow one of our hats.

When going outside, children are required to wear loose fitting clothing that cover as much skin as possible.

Clothing made from cool, cotton fabric is recommended. Tops with elbow length sleeves, and if possible, collars and knee length or longer style shorts and skirts are best.

If a child is wearing a singlet top or dress should they wear a t shirt/shirt over the top when going out.

Outdoor activities will be rescheduled to before 11 a.m. on

Excessively sunny/hot days.

Staff will act as role models by:

  1. Wearing appropriate hats and clothing outdoors.
  2. Using sunscreen for skin protection.
  3. Seeking shade whenever possible.

Paraben free high factor sunscreen will be provided for all staff and children’s use.

From 3 years of age, children are encouraged to apply their own

Sun screen under supervision of staff.

We will talk about skin and ways to protect skin from the sun.

The Sun Safety policy will be reinforced in a positive way through

Newsletters and notice boards.

We will make sure the children play in the shade whenever possible and put up a large gazebo during heat waves.

  • Activities will be set up under shade.
  • We will provide fresh water and encourage the children to drink plenty to avoid dehydration.
  • Children who do not have appropriate outdoor clothing will be required

To play in the shade or a suitable area protected from the sun.

Parents will be:

  • Informed of the Sun safety policy.
  • Asked to provide a suitable hat for their child’s use.
  • Required to give authority for staff to administer sunscreen and parents will be notified if their child has been encouraged to use their ‘self-help skills’ in applying sunscreen to themselves under staff supervision.

Sun cream policy

The damaging effects of exposure to the sun on young skin are well documented. I will do everything I can, working in partnership with you, to ensure that your child is protected.

I will need you to provide me with:

A sun hat (preferably a hat to protect neck)

A thin top/cardigan/t-shirt with long sleeves

I will ensure that your child uses paraben free sun cream that I will provide, and wear their hat. I will also avoid spending prolonged periods of time outdoors during the hottest part of the day, and when out will try and protect your child by finding shady areas and using a sunshade on the pushchair. I will encourage your child to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration.