Admissions Policy

As an Ofsted registered Childminder I am restricted to the number and ages of children that I can care for at any one time. These details are on my Ofsted Registration Certificate, which is displayed during my minding hours.

I am happy to take on any baby/child within my registered numbers and will not discriminate against children or their families for reasons such as race, religion, sex or ability. However I would like to make the following statements:

  • I already drop off/collect children from West Hove and St Andrews
  • I already drop off/collect children from Wish park pre-school
  • I am happy to take on children with special needs providing I feel I can provide them with the care they need. (For example I will not be able to provide one to one care) If your child has additional needs please discuss them with me first as I would not want to raise expectations.

All children will be welcomed into my home and I will encourage the other children in my care to support me in this. I will request a four-week settling in period on our contract, so if you, your child or I am not happy with the arrangement it can be terminated easily. When taking on additional children I must take into consideration the children already in my care who are happy and settled. It would be unfair on them to introduce a child who was disruptive.

If you have any concerns regarding my admissions policy please do not hesitate to contact me.