Risk Assessment Policy

As an Ofsted Registered Childminder I am required to conduct risk assessments and review them regularly.

Before the children are due to arrive to my home I check both my home and garden to ensure that it is a safe environment for the children to play in. I do this by both walking around my home and also, if I am minding babies/pre-school toddler, will crawl around so I can see any potential hazards/risks from the child’s level

I will also risk assess any environment that I take the children to. For example: other people’s homes; playgroups; walking to school; shopping; beach; park etc. If I am planning to take the children to environments that are unknown to me then I will try, if it is reasonably possible, to do a risk assessment in advance so I am aware of any potential hazards/risks.

I do keep a record of all risk assessments I carry out in my risk assessment book. I make a record of what I have in place and what I may need to put into place and ensure that any extra precautions I need to take are done so with the utmost urgency. This book is available for both parents & Ofsted to see.