Mobile phone and Camera use policy

Mobile phones allow me to be contactable at all times, but I need to ensure that care is taken with all technology so that a child’s wellbeing is always respected. I have implemented the following rules:

  1. I will only take photos of children in my care if I have agreement from the parents/carers.
  2. Photos may be taken by camera or mobile phone.
  3. I will keep my phone password protected.
  4. I may download photos onto my computer for the sole use of my setting, such as adding photos to a child’s learning journal.
  5. If I have permission, I may use the photo to promote my setting, for instance, adding it to my website.
  6. I will not upload any photos to any social media site.
  7. I will delete photos when no longer needed or when asked by a parent/carer.
  8. Assistants who work in the setting may only take photos of the children using my mobile phone or the setting’s camera.
  9. Assistants will put phones by the door in a box whilst in the setting; however I recognise that there may be occasions when they are required to use them. These times should be kept to a minimum.

Children’s mobile phone and camera policy

Children are not allowed to use mobile phones whilst in my care as the latest technology means they can gain access to the internet via them, and also take videos or photos of themselves and other children in my care.

Mobile phones have to be checked in on arrival and returned to them on departure or stored securely in their bag.