Independent arrival at childminders policy

I am more than happy to mind older children who are at secondary School and who may wish to arrive at my home independently. However I can’t be held responsible for your child’s safety until s/he arrives into my care.

I will need to be aware in advance their expected times of arrival, if they are staying at school for a club, sports fixture etc I will need to be notified. If there are any unexpected changes I request that you as their parent inform me and that the onus is not on the child to do so.

If your child fails to arrive at the expected time, I will try to contact them if they have a mobile phone to confirm their whereabouts otherwise I will contact yourself. If I am unable to make contact with your child or yourself I will then contact the school. In the unlikely event that your child’s school does not know their whereabouts I will then contact the police for further guidance.

This policy and the procedures are not meant to alarm you but to reassure you that I am providing the best care possible for your child.

If you are planning for your child to arrive independently please let me know so we can ensure that everybody involved is fully aware of these procedures and any alterations made to them.

I will make certain that the agreement for your child to arrive independently is noted in our childminding contract that we both sign to confirm our agreement.