Fire policy

I undertake regular fire drills, practising these on a monthly basis and whenever new children arrive in my care.

I have smoke alarms fitted in the main central places of the house, and are tested on a weekly basis. The alarms are mains wired with electric back up battery that are replaced yearly. All alarms are interlinked so that if one sounds, the others do too to give warning at all areas.

I have a fire blanket in the kitchen and everyone knows how to use it.

It is far more important to evacuate everyone from the premises, and to make sure all are safe rather than tackle a fire.

All exits, landing, hall and walkways are kept clear of obstructions and tripping hazards. All stair gates are easily removable by an adult if necessary.

Keys to the external doors are hung on hooks buy the doors, for quick and easy opening, and window keys are hung by the windows for use by an adult if needed.