Emergency evacuation procedure policy

In the event that we need to evacuate the setting, I have set up the following procedure:

  1. Use a prearranged signal to indicate we need to evacuate.
  2. Evacuate the children via the nearest exit, encouraging children to walk and carrying those who can’t. In the case of a fire I will shut all doors behind us.
  3. We will not stop to put shoes or coats on or collect any belongings.
  4. If possible, I will take a phone and a list of contacts.
  5. We will gather at the assembly point, which is in the garden or at the front of the house.
  6. I will contact the emergency services.
  7. We will wait in a safe place until the emergency services state it is safe to re-enter the building where the children will be collected.
  8. I will inform Ofsted of the incident.

We provide regular practice drills to familiarize the children with this procedure in preparation that this may occur.

All exits are kept clear