Departure Policy

It is always sad when it is time for a child to leave my childcare setting. I hope your child will have enjoyed the time he/she has spent with me and takes away some happy, pleasurable memories.

I also hope that they take with them the knowledge that he/she is a very special child, not only to me, but to my staff and the friends that I am certain they will make whilst in my care. With this in mind I feel it is important that all the children have the opportunity to say goodbye in a fun way. If possible I like to organise a special leaving party for your child and all the children in my care. This gives the other minded children the opportunity to make a goodbye card/gift if they wish too. It is also a good time, providing parents are happy for their child to do this, for the children to swap contact details (address, phone numbers, mobile numbers, email address etc) so they can stay in touch.

When the day comes that your child departs from my childcare setting, I will provide you with a journal containing your child’s artwork, photographs, records of activities etc. However, I will need to retain original paperwork (contracts, permission forms etc.) as Ofsted may request to see this during an inspection.

I do ask that you stay in touch, it is great for the child to retain the link and I love to hear how the child is progressing.

I will ask you to sign a form when your child departs my childcare setting saying that our contract has now been terminated and that the last day of minding was…. This is for the Inland Revenue and my accounting procedures. If the parent is claiming the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit, the responsibility lies with them to inform the authorities of the change of circumstances, however I reserve the right to make contact with them if I feel the parent’s are intentionally defrauding this benefit system.